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10 over 12 Creative: Consistent Reinvention

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10 Over 12 Creative, of Evansville, Indiana, is the re-invention of 125 year old printing company known as Keller Crescent. The name, according to their website is a tribute to their roots:

Specifically, it references using 10 point font over 12 point leading (space between lines of copy). As a tribute to our roots in the printing business and honoring the heritage of our award winning work, we decided to adopt this model of consistency as our own name.

10 Over 12 promises, and has demonstrated, consistent quality, efficiency and attention to consumer wants. Repetition is not a part of their creative quiver. They take a fresh look at each product and category. They often re-invent their clients to install them more snugly in their markets and the minds of consumers who are just plain folks.

Take, for example, 10/12’s campaign for Riverview Hospital’s Heart and Vascular Center. They focus one very big consumer benefit: it’s easier to get to than rival facilities in metro Indianapolis.

Conventional wisdom dictates that hospitals are sold with stories of recovery, of lives and families made whole. The happy talk is backed with boasts about facilities, doctors, certifications, rankings and such things as one would calmly and rationally consider when faced with upcoming treatment.

But when its an emergency, all you care about is who’s closest. Images of roads and traffic tell the story concisely and re-assuringly. Of course billboards were part of the mix.

For St. Mary’s Advanced Care Hospital and Medical Centers of Evansville, 10/12 takes another smart approach: they make the health facilities part of everyday life. Most people are afraid of hospitals. They’re places  are brimming with disease and death! Gunshot wounds, broken limbs, cancer, strokes, bloody injuries—all the things that people like to avoid—are found in abundance in hospitals. Of course it’s not rational; avoiding hospitals won’t postpone mortality any better than skipping funerals does. But we’re talking about people, not rational beings.

Going to the hospital is just a slice of life. And notice how the pizza mimics the logo. Nice.

Dressing up the hospital in the happy talk of lives-made-whole and “world class facilities” is just whistling past a cemetery because the underlying message is still “think of us when you can’t ignore the truth any longer.” So making St. Mary’s hospital part of life is a smart idea. 10/12 communicates it deftly with simple, visual stories and a touch of good humor. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

They use the same strategy and tactics for Hardin Memorial Hospital, Elizabethtown, KY. These executions concentrate on everyday objects rather than actions. They’re good, but not as impactful as St Mary’s.The integrated campaign for McCafe (commissioned by the local McDonald’s franchise group) is another example of celebrating (and selling) ordinary life.

The former Keller Crescent Advertising also demonstrates consistency with categories: in addition to their 3 hospitals they also show work for 4 brands of spirits.

10 Over 12 endeavors to give these clients maximum bang for the buck in the face of big spending competitors. The best of these campaigns is for Evan Williams Bourbon. In a series of executions appealing to different slices of the “regular Joe” whiskey-drinking public, they make the point that longer aging makes better, smoother, feistier, sexier, richer, more exciting bourbon. Thanks to this work, Evans Williams is the #3 straight whiskey in the US.

Bass, babes and thoroughbreds are some more things that improve with age.

One more campaign that shows how well 10 Over 12 knows their audiences is the “Evolution 101” campaign for Optima Batteries. These ads trace the development of different technologies such as bass boat propulsion or road transportation exhaust systems, and demonstrate that peak developments—such that owners would be very proud of—require the ultimate in DC power. It’s very smart work done with finesse and a genuine chuckle.

The more things change, the more you want to brag about them.

There are more examples of how 10 Over 12 consistently re-invents and pitches brands to the and Plain Janes and Regular Joes of the world at their website. Look especially at the work for Ellis Park Horse Racing and Vicious Fishing.

Written by VerboCityMayor

August 17, 2013 at 8:25 pm